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Single Tooth Crowns

A crown is a long term restoration used to strengthen and improve the shape, size and/or colour of a tooth or teeth. When a tooth has a large restoration or filling , they are at increased risk of breaking. Large amounts of filling material are not designed to withstand the biting pressure of the opposing teeth. Once the tooth starts to breakdown, the only way of protecting that tooth is with a crown. Likewise if the tooth has already fractured in the past. If the tooth is left without a crown, the risk of fracturing the tooth becomes greater. Eventually a crown is longer possible and the tooth may require extraction.

Crowns can be made of different kinds of materials such as gold, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal. Costs may vary depending on the material. A crown usually takes 2 appointments to complete. At the first appointment a local anesthetic is given and the tooth is reduced down to make room for the crown. We also take some impressions or molds of the tooth so that we can make a temporary crown and the lab can fabricate the final crown. You will go home with a temporary crown which covers and protects the tooth in the meantime.

At the second appointment the temporary crown is removed and the final one is tried in. If the size, shape and fit are good then the crown in cemented in place. As with anything in dentistry crowns do not last forever. If they are taken care off properly they will last a very long time. The edges of the crown must be carefully cleaned because cavities can still develop along this edge.

With proper care crowns can change not only a tooth but a whole smile.

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