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Pediatric Dentistry

The best way to prevent dental problems starts at a young age. By seeing a child by the time they are 2-3 years of age we hope to educate parents and caregivers as well as introduce the dental visit to a young child. Unfortunately we are seeing a rise in the levels of tooth decay in young children due to lack of proper home care, diet and an increase in bottled water consumption. There is a lot of contraversey about fluoride ingestion right now. Although there has been no scientifically proven ill effects of fluoride ingestion, the choice is a personal one. However, topical (not swallowed) fluoride treatment is proven to decrease tooth decay and is an important part of any preventative dental program.

A child's diet can also have a big influence on their teeth. Prepared foods can be high in fermentable carbohydrates which the body can convert to sugar. Fruit juices, although they are natural can also be high in sugar as well and should be consumed in moderation. A child should never go to bed with anything other than water in a bottle at night. Pop, iced tea, fruit punch and energy drinks really should not be part of a child's diet. They have little nutritional value and are very high in sugar.

Most basic restorative treatment for children can be completed here in the office with local anesthetic and/or nitrous oxide. Very young children with more extensive needs may be referred to a pediatric dentist to be sedated so the treatment can be done at one time. This way the child will not have anxiety about coming back to the office.

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