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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Modern dental x-rays are safe and are an integral part of diagnosing dental problems. One dental xray is equivalent to about 20 minutes in the sun for radiation exposure. Sometimes the only way we can catch dental problems early, is on an xray. Many dental problems have no symptoms in the early stages so we prefer to diagnose and treat problems early. If something starts to hurt then the problem probably a much larger one. We do not take x-rays at every visit, we look at each patient individually.

A: Regular brushing and flossing of a child's teeth is the number one way to help prevent problems. Young children do not have the dexterity to brush and floss on their own. Using a fluoridated toothpaste as soon as the child can spit can also help. But one of the biggest factors is the child's diet. Minimizing sources of sugar and simple carbs can help. Limit consumption of juices, pop, sports drinks and also products like cookies, cake etc. that can be broken down into simple sugars in the mouth.

A: The first visit to our office consists of a complete exam of your head, neck, teeth, tissue and gums. We start with a medical and dental history. We will also document all of the things we see going on in your mouth both good and bad. A series of x-rays is taken and then the findings discussed with you. A treatment plan will be formulated for you. Then a consultation may take place to educate you on the different treatment options that are available as well as answer any questions that you have.

A: Every patients needs are different. Until we have come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan, we do not schedule any scaling at the first appointment. It is important that we know what your needs are first. Some patients require more than one appointment to complete scaling due to more serious gum problems. Scaling is a form of treatment that should not be performed without a diagnosis of your gums first.

A: There are many ways available to brighten your smile. Some methods work better than others and some should not be used at all. The most predictable way to whiten your teeth is one of the methods we offer in the office. These consist of preformed trays, custom trays or in office procedures. All of these methods employ a peroxide based gel in various strengths to change the colour of the enamel. Not everyone is a good candidate for whitening so talk to us first.

A: If you are doing a meticulous job with a soft, manual brush then there is no reason to change, but most people do get a better result with an electric brush. Electric brushes tend to remove more plaque and don't require as much manual dexterity to use. The brush does the work for you. It just has to be positioned correctly in the mouth. It is important to maintain the brush properly and change the head when recommened to get a good result.

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