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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in the medical profession for decades and now can be used in many dental procedures as well. In general, laser dentistry is less painful, heals faster, requires less freezing and is less invasive.

In our office we have two kinds of lasers available. A diode laser is used for procedures involving soft tissue only such as gums, cheeks, lips etc. We can remove benign tumors, do minor gum procedures, treat cold sores and reduce the overall level of bacteria. We also have a Waterlase which is an all tissue laser that can do some fillings,many surgical procedures and procedures involving bone. In many cases little or no freezing is required. This is particularly useful during procedures on children.

Lasers work with the body to biostimulate cells causing faster healing and less inflammation. The laser also disinfects in any area that it works resulting is less post-operative infections and longer lasting results.

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