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Nitrous Oxide | Laughing Gas

If you are nervous about coming to the dentist then nitrous oxide might help things go more easily. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas as it is sometimes known, is simply a colourless, sweet smelling gas that you breath in during your dental visit. It causes you to relax while getting dental work done. It helps eliminate fear, nervousness and tension. You remain conscious and in complete control.

Nitrous oxide is used in combination with oxygen and works very rapidly to provide sedation. We can control this level of sedation very easily and there is a very quick recovery time after the gas is turned off. With other methods of sedation such as IV, this is not the case.

Because we have so much control over the dose of gas, this helps prevent accidental overdose. Recovery from nitrous oxide is very rapid and there is no hang over effect seen with other medications. In some cases it can be used instead of local anesthetic but the effects vary from person to person.

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